Spooky Dash is an online game with an exciting spooky rhythm theme that anyone can play. The game's goal is to move and make jumps in order to overcome challenges and win. Try to overcome challenges and obstacles to reach the finish line in the fastest time possible. What are you waiting for? Join Spooky Dash today!

This Halloween season, Spooky Dash will bring new and exciting feelings to players. You will anxiously await the challenges and scary, spooky music. You'll let your imagination run wild in Spooky Dash, from grinning pumpkins to horror movie icons like Jason Voorhees and Jigsaw's disturbing puppet.


  • Graphics with realistic images and sounds.
  • Many interesting challenges make an impression on players.
  • Upgrade and share support features.

How to play

Players participate in the challenge by using the mouse to move and following the instructions:

  • To jump, press the space bar or click.
  • Avoid the spikes and walls.
  • Search for hidden coins.
  • Conquer the finish line and shout "Booyah!"
  • Control your pumpkin.

Get ready for a great experience with exciting challenges that bring new feelings to you. Good luck!

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