Geometry Dash Nefarious is an online game with an interesting 2D game theme for everyone. The game's objective is to play the character who controls it and overcomes challenges to victory. In each round, try to control the perfect jump block to win in the fastest time. Are you ready? Join Geometry Dash Nefarious today!

In the Geometry Dash Nefarious game, you can control the perfect jump block to win in the least amount of time. At the same time, try to overcome obstacles to successfully complete the rounds. Now is the time to improve your performance!


  • Beautiful graphics with realistic sound.
  • Upgraded features support players.
  • There are many challenges in each round.
  • Store an attractive variety of items.

How to play

Players participate in the challenge by using the mouse to move and following the instructions:

  • To move, use the up arrow keys, mouse, w key, or space bar.
  • Color points While jumping, allow the block to change height.

Pay attention to the obstacles that appear during the round to win the fastest. Good luck!

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