Geometry Dash Breeze is an online game with a colorful music world theme for everyone. The game's goal is to explore the cube's musical journey with a variety of exciting challenges. In this sequel, players will enjoy breathtaking new feelings through the world of music. Are you ready? Join Geometry Dash Breeze today!

How to play

Players participate in the challenge by using the mouse to move and following the instructions:

On the computer:

  • To jump, use the up arrow key or the W key.
  • To avoid spiked obstacles, use the down arrow or S keys.
  • To move left, use either the left arrow key or the A key.
  • To move right, use either the right arrow key or the D key.
  • After failure, use the spacebar or left mouse button to start playing from the beginning.
  • For the best results, pay attention to synchronizing your operations with the music's beat.

On mobile (smartphone or tablet):

  • Use screen-touching gestures to jump.
  • Drag your finger down on the screen to avoid spiked obstacles.
  • To move left or right, drag your finger left or right on the screen.
  • Tap the play button or circle to begin playing immediately after failure.

In each level, players can test their reflexes, timing, and memory. The game will gradually increase in difficulty as you progress, introducing more challenges along the way. Good luck!


  • Over the Cloud (Normal 3⭐)
  • Into the Zone (Hard 5⭐)
  • Ghost Ship (Harder 7⭐)
  • Bitsplosion (Insane 8⭐)
  • Skittles (Harder 6⭐)
  • Hydra (Insane 8⭐)
  • Cloud Buster (Harder 7⭐)
  • Level Up (Insane 9⭐)
  • Prism (Insane 8⭐)
  • Peer Gynt (Demon 10⭐)

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