Geometry Dash Around the World is an online game with an extremely attractive jumping theme for everyone. This is the fifth version of the famous Geometry Dash game series. The game's objective is to control a cube, a spaceship, or an alien ship. In each round, players need to control themselves to overcome difficult challenges and traps and win. Isn't it great? Join the Geometry Dash around the world today!

The main character in this Geometry Dash Around the World game allows players to learn about the cultures of many different countries. With each round, the difficulty level will gradually increase to create challenges for players. So, when participating, try to win as quickly as possible!

How to play

To start the Geometry Dash Around the World game, players need to move the mouse and follow the instructions:

  • Move the character through obstacles.
  • When flying, place the icon in the appropriate position to adjust the altitude.
  • Train mode should keep the train moving up and down smoothly.

In addition, during each turn, pay attention to the time and movement speed of the character to overcome challenges easily. Good luck!

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