Everyone will find the island theme of the online game Clean The Ocean to be quite intriguing. Using your boat to remove all of the rubbish from each location. In each round, get on a boat and clear the entire ocean of trash to restore the natural beauty of different locations. Why do you wait? Become a Clean the Ocean member today!

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How to play

In order to complete the challenge, players must move and adhere to the directions using the mouse. To maneuver your boat, click and drag the mouse across the screen. That's where you should go to gather trash. The screen displays the boat's capacity at the top. Once the docks are full, you should go back to the docks for recycling once they are full.

To categorize the trachea, you need to use five distinct bins. Industrial, paper, metal, glass, and plastic are some examples. You may improve the stats of your boat with the money you earn from recycling, you can improve your boat's stats. Moreover, you may gather balls from the ocean. I wish you luck!

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