3Dash is an online game with an exciting platform theme for players. In this sequel, players will take on the challenge of overcoming six levels and winning the championship cup. The goal is to challenge yourself with increasing levels of difficulty and numerous obstacles in terms of time and distance. Please try to win. What are you waiting for? Join 3Dash today and don't miss this exciting opportunity!

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  • Graphics with beautiful sound impress players.
  • Different rounds present an exciting challenge.
  • Upgrade and share features that assist players.
  • Attractive prizes for a variety of goods.

How to play

Players participate in the challenge by using the mouse to move and follow the instructions. To move the cube over obstacles, start with space and a mouse.

  • Click/Space: Jump
  • Exit: Opens the Pause Menu
  • Z: Set a checkpoint (in practice mode).
  • X: Delete the checkpoint (in practice mode).

Additionally, players can unleash their creativity in the Editor option, where you can build and customize up to 10 custom maps. Please bring new experiences to yourself!

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